We offer ongoing enrollment with ongoing evaluations, which means that your child starts in the right class and stays in the right class. As soon as a student meets the requirements for the next level, we move them up. We believe in conquering challenges one skill at a time and help your children do the same. 

Classes are one time per week at your designated enrollment time and day. We do not offer make-ups because we believe that consistency helps a young athlete learn best - the same classmates and the same teacher keep your student comfortable and help our teachers know what works best for each athlete. 


Trial Classes

Interested in trying a class but not sure if it is right for you?

We now offer a single class for only $19 so you can try a class before registering for the remaining session.  Simply click on the parent portal login in the upper right hand corner of this page and create and account.  Once you have created an account, click on contact us and let us know which class you would like to register for.  We will then get you all set up so you can  learn what it means to be a part of the A Team! 



Our classes are broken into two groups to make pricing simple for you.

Our Introductory classes are 45-55 minutes. The six week tuition is $112.

Our Secondary classes are 90 minutes. The six week tuition is $166.00

Fall 2019

Session #1 August 19 - September 28

Session #2 September 30 - November 9

Session #3* November 11 - December 21 (*5 week session - no classes Thanksgiving week)

Once your child is enrolled, he/she will continue in class through June 2019, unless you let us know otherwise. Please see our drop policy.

We have a one time, per year, per family annual administration fee of $40. This covers the insurance and enrollment system that helps us keep track of who we have in the gym. Need to take a break and come back within a year? No worries - you only pay it annually, no matter your schedule. 

There are no hidden fees, tricks or gimmicks. We're here to teach gymnastics. 



Class Descriptions

All classes will emphasize proper stretching, strength and endurance.

Parent Tot (45 minutes)

Ages 18 months - 3 years

This class provides a rudimentary introduction to gymnastics where students can learn the ropes of a class structure and develop fine and gross motor skills with Mom or Dad right by their side. 


Preschool (55 minutes)

Ages 3 years - 5 years

Students continue to develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as get introduced to the basics of each of the artistic gymnastics events in an appropriate level for their age. This class is designed to develop strength, flexibility, body awareness, self control and a positive self esteem.

Kinder (55 Minutes)

Ages 5 years - 6 years

Similar to preschool with a slightly older age group where the students continue to develop basic skills on each of the apparatuses. Lesson plans include more steps and fosters increased independence along with developing listening skills.


Beginner (55 Minutes)

Ages 6 years - 9 years

Students are introduced to regulation equipment and build the fundamental skills required for each apparatus. This class involves learning the building blocks that students will use in more advanced classes. We also offer a beginner class for those 10 years old and up.


Intermediate* (90 minutes)

Ages 6 years - 12 years

COACH REFERRAL REQUIRED. Students in the intermediate level will build upon and perfect their fundamental skills and work on more advanced gymnastics, including connected skills. Specific skills needed to enroll: Pull over and hip circle on the bars, cartwheel and kick over on the floor, handstand on the beam, and handstand flat back on vault.  



Ages 8 years - 12 years

COACH REFERRAL REQUIRED. Upon mastering the mid level gymnastics fundamentals, students will work on flight skills and perfecting their gymnastics. This is the highest level we offer, but class work will be catered to the advanced ability of the student so they are continuously progressing.


tnt (55 minutes)

Ages 6 years - 10 years

Our tumbling specific class that focuses on the mastery of skills on floor, tumble track and trampoline. Students will be introduced to the basics of tumbling, including but not limited to rolls, limbers, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. Instructors will introduce new skills as students grasp the basics. This class is really popular among our male gymnasts.


CHEER (55 minutes)

Ages 8+

Cheer classes are designed for the athlete interested in the basics of cheerleading.  This 55-minute class will introduce basic motions, jumps, and tumbling and focus on the perfection and development in each aspect. Power tumbling skills and basic standing techniques are taught when ready.


Beginner and Intermediate tumbling* (55 minutes)

Ages 8 years - 12 years

COACH REFERRAL REQUIRED. Students in this class are adept at the basic fundamentals of tumbling and will work on connected skills, saltos and flight skills. Required skills include handstand, roundoff and kick over. 


advanced tumbling* (55 minutes)

Ages 8 years - 12 years

COACH REFERRAL REQUIRED. Students will work on series tumbling skills and saltos in this class, focusing on perfecting their basics and mastering advanced skills. Required skills include standing back handspring.